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A Museum Dedicated to The Childhood Cartoon Character Miffy

Museums can be both educational and entertaining places. Some museums hold collections of precious artwork from the earliest periods to the contemporary times. Others contain interesting artifacts that document the efforts and interests of man: food, travel, space, flora and fauna, technology, and many more. Almost all museums can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Although some museums take on the challenge by targeting a younger audience or those who are children at heart. One of these is the Nijntje Museum, also known as the Miffy Museum, in Utrecht, Netherlands. The museum is especially dedicated to Nijnte or Miffy, a famous rabbit character drawn by Dutch illustrator and author Dick Bruna.

A Museum Dedicated to The Childhood Cartoon Character Miffy
A Museum Dedicated to The Childhood Cartoon Character Miffy

Who is Nijntje or Miffy?

Miffy is a small, female rabbit character created by Utrecht native writer and illustrator Dick Bruna. She was created in 1955 when Bruna started telling stories about a little rabbit that they had seen while on holiday to his one-year-old son. The character’s name came from the shortening of the Dutch term konijntje, which means “little rabbit.” Bruna formally made the character into a female after drawing her in a dress. She has appeared in his books depicting Miffy as a baby up to a child of four years old. The first Miffy book by Dick Bruna was published in 1955 but was immediately followed by more than 30 more books that starred his famous character. The popularity of Miffy and her books is reflected in the 85 million copies that were sold worldwide and translated in various languages. Afterward, three television series adapted the books along with accompanying clothes, toys, and other merchandise. There was also a feature-length film released on January 30, 2013, called Miffy the Movie.

 What is inside the Miffy Museum?

The present-day Miffy Museum was first opened in 2006 as the Dick Bruna House. However, it was rebranded and renovated in 2016 as the Miffy Museum. It is officially a part of the Centraal Museum located across the street which houses collections of historical and art pieces. The ticket desk for the Miffy Museum is located there along with the official Miffy souvenir shop and the museum café which has Miffy-shaped pancakes in its menu for fans of the rabbit character. The museum is made up of two floors divided into ten miniature-sized rooms perfect for children who want to play and enjoy activities.

The target audience for the museum is the core age group who would probably have read the Miffy books – that is, children from two to six years old. The rooms are decorated with everyday themes and illustrations depicted in the Miffy books. There is an animal zoo, a visit to the doctor’s, planting in the garden, and cooking in the kitchen. Miffy Museum is both a fun and educational place for children. Parents will also be sure to appreciate the child-friendly utilities and features like parking space for strollers, picnic areas, and children’s sinks and toilets in the washrooms. During weekends, the museum also offers arts and crafts activities for the children. The museum is trendy among local children, so booking a tour in advance is encouraged.

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