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All about NASA and space exploration

Ever since antique times, we have been fascinated with the space and tried to unravel its mysteries. There are countless writings about the space that date from the Medieval times. The interpretation was somehow close to the truth, but only in recent times did we manage to truly start to discover the mysteries that are in the outer space. The space exploration has always been the humanity’s dream, but it’s not so long ago that we managed to truly start this amazing journey.

How NASA was born

Innovator in Aviation

Space exploration first started by observing the stars. Thus, the telescope was invented. We always wanted to see the stars up close and only in the Medieval times we managed to truly discover the characteristics of the surrounding space. The space exploration had then transformed into a race between different nations. We see that many countries raced to discover new stars and planets in order to show their technological advancement. This is how NASA was born. The idea first came at the beginning of the 20th century when the invention of the airplane made the space exploration dream more real. Many scientists considered that a travel in space could be possible in the future.

Rush during the Cold War

During the Cold War, the US were competing with USSR in everything that meant technology. The space exploration was the most hunted topic and it wasn’t unusual to import scientists that would help them in this race. The US won the nuclear race at the end of WWII and the competition between the two nations was now even more aggressive. The secrecy about this project had to be absolute. The two countries focused a lot of energy in the science espionage. They even hired scientists to be their spies in order to quickly find out what the enemy is doing. NASA focused on bringing the most talented and dedicated scientists together in order to give the US an advantage.

There are many recordings of the failed tests that both countries had over the time. They were only recently made public in order to better understand that the road to the stars was not a very smooth one. There were countless engineers and specialists involved in this project. The USSR took a great advantage by sending the first human in space. Yuri Gagarin soon became an international superstar thanks to the fact that he is the first person to go into the outer space.

NASA is sending a robot to Mars

NASA had to go even further, so they decided to aim for more. They decided that the US would be the first country to send people on the Moon. The money and political pressure involved was unprecedented. The US needed to have something big and NASA engaged the whole team into that. In 1968 the human dream became real when the first step was made on the Moon. Many believe that this is a clear sign that the US won the space race. Now NASA continues to discover new information about the Universe and they are not stopping any time soon.

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