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Best Attractions for Kids in Amsterdam

Amsterdam might not be the first European city you think of when planning your family vacation.  In general, Amsterdam is widely known for its family friendly coffee shops.  Yes, Amsterdam is most commonly looked to as a travel destination for its coffee or pot shops, but, as in any city, there is always more than meets the eye.

Popular Tourist Sites

While pot tourism may make upwards of thirty percent of the tourism in Amsterdam, there is clearly room for more family friendly options on the tourism scene. Many owners and proprietors of these shops have children and families of their own and thus may be patrons of the same venues as you and your family.

 If you are traveling to Amsterdam, you will be pleasantly surprised at the adventures that await you!

One of the best bangs for your buck is the “I amsterdam city card”. There are four different versions of this city pass, you can choose between one, two, three or four-day passes. They will get you same experience, just for different amounts of time.  You can visit multiple museums, use public transportation and even get discounts at local cafes and restaurants.


Stedelijk Museum

One of the museums that are available for visit are the Van Gogh Museum. You can sign your kids up for treasure hunts or workshops as well.  There are even self-guided tours and kids can use Vincent’s Traveling Case to learn more about his artwork. Another museum available is the Stedelijk Museum. There you will find a plethora of locally designed art, as well as contemporary and modern pieces. The original building itself dates back to the 1800s.



If you’re hungry, make sure to check out the food tour in the neighborhood of Jordaan, which is in the city center.  Kids are welcome and will love the diversity of foods and atmospheres while they walk the neighborhood to try a variety of treats. Seven venues offer twelve tastes of Amsterdam.  Boat tours, as well as bike tours, are also a beautiful, scenic way to see the city and kids will love the adventure of it all.  From dinner boat tours to pizza to wine and cheese tours – the food and scenery will be sure to keep the kids entertained. As far as biking with kids goes, the city of Amsterdam is flat so there are no unexpected hills or challenges when touring around.  Kids of all ages will love the freedom of pedaling through the city and they will feel like locals, since most people in Amsterdam use bicycles.  There are also a variety of sports teams in the city to support.  Between archery, cycling, field and ice hockey, not to mention rugby, there is plenty of entertainment to be found in the sporting world.  And let’s not forget the celebrated football (soccer) team: Amsterdam Football Club Ajax.  The Ajax team has roots that go all the way back to the 1900’s, and they have multiple championships to boast about as well.

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