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Best Educational Museums in Amsterdam

A museum is a place where there are collections of various things of artistic, scientific or historical interest as set out for display. They are a great place to visit to learn more about history, animals or science. A lot of times they are very educational as well and a great place to visit with the whole family. Below are some of the best educational Amsterdam museum.

Rijks museum

After a long awaited re opening the rijks musuem is finally renovated and back in business. It is home to the infamous rembrandt piece the night watch. As well as many other fantastic artists and their masterpieces. As well as old costumes and furnishings from the 17th century, the museum is a great place to visit with both kids and friends alike.

Van Gogh museum

This iconic museum has over 200 paintings as well as drawings and letters from the late great van gogh. The museum is fairly large and houses some of his most prized pieces. If you are in amsterdam it is not to be missed as it is one of the most famous museums in the city. It is easy to get to from the city centre as well.

Stedelijk museum

Stedelijk museums have a lot of present day and contemporary art. The directors often take in new art before it has even become popular knowing that it will draw attention to the true art enthusiasts. The collection is vast and differing which makes it a great place to visit over and over again should you be able to.

Museum Willet-holthuysen

The most magnificent and shining of the canal-house museum was filled by a succession of local notables which was surrounded by vast collection of art and objects d’art. The house was completely full of painting ceramic, glass and silver and the garden behind amsterdam rows of gabled house come as amazing to the visitor. The willet -holthuysen formal garden is one of the most exquisite town.

Pianola museum

This is a very unique museum with lots to see, and is a great place to take the family, it has a piano that plays itself as well as many other cool instruments that were ahead of their time. It has ancient scrolls as well which are cool to see.

Jewish historical museum

Mokum which is the nick name of amsterdam from a yiddish word that means place or heaven. It was a very exciting jewish community in europe which is behind diamond cutting industry which exhibit ceramic objects. The museum cafe is a wonderful avenue to try some original dutch jewish classic foods, like cod cakes, or bulus a ginger filled donut.

Amsterdam museum

Stories, valuable items and works of art that come from amsterdam’s long-time history all form part of the exhibition on the city past, present and future which was found in 1520 and was painted in 1538 which was the first MP of the city. Amsterdam is a gorgeous city with so much to offer, be sure to check it out!

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