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Best Galleries in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has some of the most amazing galleries in the world, which of course you will not want to miss out on. The city as a whole is a beautiful city to explore and to get to know. They have amazing architecture and fabulous restaurants as well. Making it a great holiday destination both in the summer and winter month. The lovers of arts are mostly spoiled for choices in Amsterdam, a city which is the home to some of the most progressive band high quality cultural organizations in Europe and a quite unique number of Arty restaurants. In these piece, I have gathered together, the best galleries you will not want to miss a view of in Amsterdam.


This is a gallery that may not be too attractive to the eye, but it is definitely a place worth of visiting. Mediamatic, which is located on the East Docklands in Amsterdam is a unique cultural organization that offers an extensive program of events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, concerts, performance, etc, all through the year. It features exhibitions which are very evocative and totally versatile. The gallery focuses on the works of news media, in addition to those that explore the impact of technology and media, which provoked critical discourse about the society and contemporary art. Its address is at Van Gendthallen, Voc-Kade 10, Oostenburg, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

5&33 Gallery

Within Art’otel Amsterdam is 5&33 gallery housed, a gallery that is filled with bright ideas from unknown artists and designers alike. It was opened in the year 2013, in the month of October, with a multi-purpose creative space that offers different and vast ranges if exhibitions, artistic and cultural events all year-round, including other numerous social events.

The gallery offers free space events without charges to all first-time exhibitors, also, the gallery has shown works by Atelier Van Liestout, Marion Bloem and Boxie, which will not only inspire design lovers but also call their attention to details and commitment to contemporary Dutch Design which is being displayed all-round the walls of the bar, lounge, kitchen, and even the library of the gallery. The address is at Martelaarsgracht 5, Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31208205333.

KoshxBos Gallery

In 2005, Esther Josh and Han Bos, a duo that have enthusiasm for artworks founded the KochxBos Gallery, which is very inspiring. Talk of the welcoming, the well-presented galleria space, which is funded by Pair’s graphic design company, that enables them to follow their hearts and exhibit works that are inspiring and appealing to them personally. The gallery holds a solo exhibition, group exhibition, etc, and also features a small eclectic selection of artists such as Zoe Byland, Meryl Donoglue and Ciou.


This gallery which is located directly opposite to the Rijks museum is a distinguished gallery with high quality exhibitions. One of the key focus of Reflex is collaboration. Every show at the gallery is followed by a published book and catalogues that features contributions from top curators from around the world.

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