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Best Museums for Kids in the US

The US has so many good museums to visit, but if you have a family you want to make sure you select a museum that has excellent features for kids. One of the best museums for kids is the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. At a size of over 472,000 square feet this is the largest children’s museum in the world. This very interactive museum is perfect for kids. Hands on experiences are encouraged, for instance the kids can actually search and dig for dinosaur bones themselves. They also have different events that are tailored for children of different ages. There is even a pond with real animals in for the kids to explore pond life.

Children’s Museum in Indianapolis

The Boston Children’s Museum is another museum that emphasizes a hands-on interactive approach. This museum also has a kid zone where kids younger than 3 can just play. This museum also offers learning resources for parents that they can use at home. They also have a school readiness program in their Countdown to Kindergarten section. This program is designed to help young kids learn what school is all about.

The Children’s Museum of Houston had a novel idea. They have created a city for kids called Kidtropolis. This was designed to help children learn about the real world and what a city is made of and how it works. Like the Boston Children’s Museum, the museum in Houston also offers a safe place for the under 3 year olds. The museum also has hands on interactive activities where kids can explore how things work. In Philadelphia they have a children’s museum with the name Please touch, which pretty much sums up what this museum is all about. Kids can come to the museum and learn by playing. There are age appropriate activities for all kids and a regular series of programs for kids of different ages.

The Kohl children’s museum

The Kohl children’s museum in Chicago is focused on kids interacting with exhibits and with each other. The idea is for kids to also learn socialization skills and cooperation while experiencing the world. They can practice “working at a café”, painting each other’s faces and even caring for a “newborn baby”. The Strong in Rochester, New York is a large museum of 100,000 square feet. It has numerous exhibits designed for kids, including a real indoor butterfly garden that is sure to delight and awe the kids.

Liberty Science Center in New Jersey is a great place to catch a movie in IMAX or to see one of the interesting traveling exhibits. There is an I explore section that is geared towards kids that are ages two to five. Baltimore, Maryland has the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. This museum has a variety of exhibits and activities so whether your kid loves sport or fancies adventure, there is sure to be an exhibit or activity to match their interest. There are activities for all kids and all ages. They even have a focus on literacy for the young children, with a storytelling time. Regardless of what your kids are interested in these museums are sure to provide them with lots of fun and learning at the same time.

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