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Best Science Museum in Europe

There are many great museums all throughout Europe, and they all have different themes or benefits. Some house great work of art, some teach us all about history and then there are the few that are all about science. There are many to choose from if you are planning a trip through Europe, here are a few of the greatest museums to go to if science if your subject of choice.

Science museum, London

This museum is located in the heart of England, in London. It has many great exhibitions and areas for you and your family to explore. Perhaps the best ones are the seventh-floor display where they have a Applo ten command module. This flight simulator will make you feel like you are there at NASA.

Dr. Guislain museum, Belgium

This museum focuses on the history of psychiatry and mental illnesses which makes it one of the most unique museums in all of Europe. It is working to change the views people typically have toward mental illness and is making great strides in this area. It is such a unique concept and yet so helpful to the world as well, you simple must visit.

Museo Galileo, Italy

This museum is located in Florence and is home to Galileo’s personal instruments, his thumb, index finger and middle finger. It houses a lot of historical artefacts. As well as information and artefacts relating to bio robotics technology and how this relates to politics and ethical issues as well. It is a fascinating place to visit if you have the time while in the gorgeous city of Florence, Italy.

The European organization for nuclear research, Switzerland

Switzerland is home to the largest heron collider, this is one of the greatest way to produce energy. One can take a visit to the European organization for nuclear research also called CERN and come in contact with people who invented and operate the large hadron collider, this was a huge advancement in nuclear research CERN has a large display which is dedicated to the universe of particles exhibit where they came from and the mission

Deutsches museum, Germany

Munich is a place where the Deutsch museum is. It has a good number of expensive exhibition that makes the museum the most significant for science and technology. It has the first motorized aircraft that was invented by The Wright brothers. Another display which was the greatest display exhibition is the U1 submarine which is the first submarine the German imperial put into work. Deutsche museum also has child friendly area for kids to explore, learn and play accurate for the summer holiday.

Phaeno Wolf Sburg’s World Class Science museum

Phaeno which was known as the experimental landscape I Wolfsburg in Germany has been included in the top international science museum since its opening in 2005. While there is so much to see and do all over Europe if you are a true lover of science and the history behind it one of these museums might just be the perfect t stop for you while on your European adventure.

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