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How to help/volunteer at a museum

A museum is usually the main touristic attraction and a favorite in every city thanks to the fact that they offer condensed culture and history. Every museum, no matter the theme, offer exhibitions that aim to enrich the culture of the visitors and to offer lasting memories. You will see that many museums are independent and work only with the money from the entrance fee or from private donations. And even the ones owned by the government appreciate any helping hand. Volunteering at a museum can be a very enriching and exciting experience and, depending on your work field, a valuable asset for your CV. But many people don’t know what a museum volunteer actually does. We have listed some of the main volunteering positions in order to help you choose your next hobby.

Entrance Greeters

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Entrance greeters are something you will probably find in every museum. They have the role of greeting the visitors with a friendly and relaxed demeanor when they first step in. While it may not seem like a very important job, it can be the start to a future promotion. Many museums ask for a very detailed CV in order to accept volunteers because their image is very important. Some museums even have special trainings for those who want to offer a helping hand in order to make sure that all the people that work in the museum are perfectly trained.

Information Volunteers

Information office attendant is a very nice volunteering position, if you like to socialize. In order to occupy this position, you will need to have special training in advance because you will have to know everything about the museum. The questions you will be asked by the visitors are very diverse and you have to be prepared. It is a very dynamic and nice position and it offers you the possibility to interact with countless people.

Museum Guide

The museum guide is probably one of the most hunted volunteer positions. You will be able to present all the exhibitions and tell the story behind them to all the visitors that come. It is a very demanding position that requires a lot of knowledge and patience. Museums usually offer trainings in advance in order to make sure that you have all the information and won’t embarrass yourself in front of the visitors. You will also have to be a very patient and nice person, especially with the children tours. They tend to ask some very strange and funny questions to which you will be obliged to answer.

Workshop volunteers

Workshop volunteers probably get the most fun position. Many museums, especially the art ones, have special workshops dedicated to children or adults. You will acquire some very interesting skills from teaching these workshops. And while it may sound super fun, you will have to have a lot of patience because the visitors may be going to this type of event for the first time. Take your time with them and try to make their stay here as pleasant as possible.

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