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If You Love The Museums in Amsterdam Get a Membership

There are many reasons to visit Amsterdam, such as the food, the people, and the one-of-a-kind local culture. However, for individuals who prefer educational attractions that combine both learning and entertainment, then Amsterdam’s museums are definitely for you. There are over 400 beautiful museums that could be visited in the Netherlands and 40 of these can be found in Amsterdam. Worrying about the entrance fees to these fascinating museums and their varied collections need not be a problem if you have an annual membership that provides unlimited entry into all of Netherlands’ museums.

If You Love The Museums in Amsterdam Get a Membership
If You Love The Museums in Amsterdam Get a Membership

All about the Musuemkaart Membership

The Museumkaart or museum card is an annual membership that would give the bearer unlimited free access to all museums in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The card and the membership are precious to all museum lovers. However, visitors and non-residents of the Netherlands can have a more difficult time availing of the card in the membership since the rules were made stricter in 2016. Short time tourists who are staying in the country for a month or less can avail of a temporary card valid for five museums for 31 days. Dutch citizens and residents from the European Union need to officially register to upgrade for the card’s full annual validity.

The Musuemkaart has been up and running since 1981 and currently has 1.35 million cardholders under the program. In 2017, it was estimated that 8.7 million visits have been made using the Museumkaart with each cardholder making an average of 6.6. visits in a year. The museum card program was never intended for tourists but targeted more the Dutch locals. Visitors who come to Amsterdam are encouraged with the Iamsterdam City Card instead which allows them museum visits, public transport access, and several discounts and bonuses within one to four days.

Important Information on the Museumkaart Membership

The membership for the Musuemkaart costs €32.45 for children age 0 to 18 years old and €64.90 for adults. After registering and activating the museum card, holders are advised to fill in the vital details in the card such as the holder’s name, date of birth, and the card’s purchase date. The Museumkaart can be presented at the museum’s admission counter, which can be quickly scanned for printed tickets or immediate entry.

In Amsterdam, several museums sell the card and give free access using the card. Some of these include the Amsterdam Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Huis Marseille, Museum Van Loon, the National Holocaust Museum, the NEMO Science Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum. However, some museums like that of Nieuwe Kerk or New Church, Rembrandt House, the Stedelijk, and the Hermitage may charge a small supplement fee in the event of special exhibitions being held in their premises. Unlike various tourist expectations, the museum card could not be bought at the city’s Schiphol Airport. The card could only be purchased at the museums where they are sold. Although the card could also be availed off online, the platform would benefit only Dutch residents. Also, Museumkaart holders are not allowed to jump queues in museums as the same rules apply except for the waiving of the entrance fee.

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