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Visiting The Dutch Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is filled with wonders for every age and kind of person. Without thousands of visitors with children flocking to the destination, there is always a need to find innovative places to take children to. The Het Scheepvaart museum is a great place to take kids to and for adults who wish to travel back in time with the Maritime expeditions in Deutschland. The museum itself has undergone renovations for several years and was closed during these times. In 2011, the new and renewed version of the museum was opened for the public to view. It is by far one of the most attractive places and brings in several hundreds of tourists each day. The formal admiralty of Amsterdam houses the museum which as a storehouse back in 1656. The architect Daniel Stalpert built the museum. Till 1973, the building was only a navy house, and it was then converted to become one of the biggest and best attractions in all of Amsterdam.

Visiting The Dutch Maritime Museum in Amsterdam
Visiting The Dutch Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

The Journey inside The Musem

The experience inside the museum is nothing short of fascinating. The front courtyard has the ticket counter where visitors can buy their tickets to enter the museum. There are a museum shop and a restaurant as well for those who wish to purchase and souvenirs and fuel up before heading inside. There are three sections of galleries in the west, north and the east. Every section you enter, your tickets are to be presented.

West-side Gallery

The gallery that is on the west wing has the Golden Age. Life during the 17th century is portrayed here. This was the time when the Netherlands was at its highest power. You can listen to stories and watch the representations of these stories portrayed by real actors on screens all around. The story of a gigantic sea creature that was hunted is a fascinating one to see here. There are also interactive games about life at sea here.

East-side Gallery

The east wing has a beautiful collection of globes. There are glassware, models of boats, silverware and some of the most elegant décor that was used on the ships here. Old photos tell the story of the insides of the ship and how beautiful it was built in ancient times. These photos adorn both the walls and are found in albums. This gallery indeed paints the picture of how life was in an era before our time.

North-side Gallery

The highlight of this gallery is the Royal Barge. This was a beautifully decorated vessel that was commissioned by King William the First during the 19th Century. The most beautiful display of the port of Amsterdam is showcased here. There are video rides that would give the visitors a view into the travel experience on this vessel. Outside the gallery is an East Indiaman Amsterdam ship. There are virtual reality tours that you can use to be transported back to the Golden Era here. Remember that you can only experience the full north gallery when you buy your tickets online.

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